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UNCOVER Logo - UNCOVER platform for indie fashion design in China

Beijing Fashion Collective was happy to support the foundation of UNCOVER, a platform which is promoting contemporary independent fashion and apparel labels, designer collections and lifestyle products from and in China. It is a showcase and hub to connect brands and designers with a broader audience amongst media, retailers and consumers. The first edition took place during the Beijing Design Week 2016 in the Dashilar (大栅栏) subdistrict.


The participating labels, designers and producers were Capitale Nord (Beijing), LangerChen (Shanghai), Metrobags (Beijing), NEEMIC (Beijing), The Product Republic (Beijing) and Zodiac (Beijing). The upcoming readymade fashion label & art project FFIXXED STUDIOS (Hangzhou & Shenzhen) unfortunately had to cancel participation in last minute due to force majeure.

UNCOVER Lab front

UNCOVER PLUS extended the curated selection of labels with individual projects and presentations from invited guests, the post fashion zine and studio IN-Between (Beijing), conceptual sound objects by Matt Hope (Beijing) and a fashion project by Muyao_Z (Berlin).

UNCOVER Lab back

A highlight of UNCOVER@BJDW was UNCOVER TALK, a one day panel at our UNCOVER LAB installation. We were discussing and questioning the conditions of the changing fashion landscape and contemporary independent fashion from local and global perspectives in three sessions centered around the topics: Sustainable fashion in China – Empowering independent fashion design, The Transformation & Disruption of Fast Fashion and Innovative design practice in fashion. Presented by Markus M Schneider aka MMS and moderated by the UNCOVER founding members Hans Martin Galliker (Beijing Fashion Collective, NEEMIC), Stephanie Lawson (Zodiac) and Kevin Tallon (Capitale Nord).

TPR & Metroproject's Markus M Schneider SUMMERWOOD's Yi Hongbo and NEEMIC & BJFC's Hans Martin Galliker PAWNSTAR's Nels Frye & Paul Iglesia LangerChen's Miranda Chen Stephanie Lawson, Jessica Rapp and Isabelle Pambianchi Rosemary Kavanag & Marianna Cerini MoDD's Ge Siqin & Stephanie Lawson Fang Liu, CAPITALE NORD's Kevin Tallon, Kristina Buesing and LI NING's Bode Oluwa

From September 26 to October 7 has UNCOVER inspired tens of thousands of Beijing Design Week visitors and assembled around 200 participants at UNCOVER TALK roundtable discussion.

UNCOVER also attracted various media, following a work-in-progress list of press clippings:

– Beijing Design Week 2016: UNCOVER – Independent Fashion For Independent Minds, TEMPER MAGAZINE, by Elsbeth van Paridon

– Indie Fashion Catalysts Launch New Platform for China’s Sustainable-Minded Designers, Jing Daily, by Jessica Rapp

– 怎样的衣裳,配得上你的卓尔不群?@UNCOVER  (background article with link to radio interview), Radio Beijing at 774AM, by Chloe Liu

Ein langer Marsch, Süddeutsche Zeitung (慕尼黑 – #1 in Germany’s largest quality newspaper), by Caroline von Eichhorn

UNCOVER TALK speaker profiles can be found here.

Thanks again to everyone – volunteer supporters, journalists, Beijing Design Week organisers & participants, forum speakers and partners – who helped to bring UNCOVER to life and make an impact!

Please refer to info[at]uncoverlab.org for inquiries.

Sustainable Fashion presentation for China Graduate Fashion Week

Sustainable Fashion lecture

Introduction, Definition & Market Overview
Sustainable Fashion in China and International
by Hans Martin Galliker 汉子

Beijing-based eco-fashion brand
by Hans Martin Galliker 汉子

Catching consumer’s interest
Sustainable fashion in the news
by Yang Fan 杨帆, Yun Yi Jian 云衣间

Competence Center Sustainable Fashion
GREENshowroom Berlin, Intertextile Shanghai, and Planet Textiles
by Bernd Müller 班明乐, Messe Frankfurt

Ethical production in China
Handmade ramie (苎麻) from Liuyang
by Yi Hongbo 易洪波, Summerwood 夏木

What is organic fabric?
GOTS – The Global Organic Textile Standard (全球有机纺织品标准)
by Felicia Shi 时怡, GOTS China

United we stand
Beijing Fashion Collective – Synergetic ‘Ecosystem of Creativity and Sustainability’ leads to better business
by Hans Martin Galliker 汉子

Cutting waste out of fashion
The EcoChic Design Award – The World’s Largest Sustainable Fashion Design Competition
by Megan Lee 李键欣, Redress

FREITAG official launch in Beijing

UCCA FREITAG Launch Invitation

On Tuesday, April 7 at 15:00 the Swiss up-cycling shoulder bag pioneer FREITAG is going to celebrate their official Launch in Beijing. 

It will take place in the UCCA Store, part of the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in the heart of Beijing’s foremost art district 798.

Guests will discover FREITAG’s sustainable up-cycling ( 升级回收 ) concept, browse their various models and then enjoy the party. Even it willl be possible to build-your-own FREITAG gadget!

China, Beijing, 798 Art District, No.4 JiuXianQiao Lu

Creatives and FREITAG lovers please RSVP your attendance to together[at]beijingfashioncollective.com.

5ENSES – A stimulating rebirth experience

At the beginning there was darkness…when Kemin 科张民 started you could only hear the breath of the audience, nothing else, tension was in the air. And then there came the smell, a thin fume of incense slowly filling the room with his strong exotic flavour. Still the only noises were the breath of the audience and Kemins 科张民 voice. And then the music started, first only a vague sound which grew louder and louder, changed his colour, sometimes animalistic, sometimes sad, sometimes furious, reaching you from the darkness and enclosing you. Suddenly stopping and leaving you with the emptiness of soundless darkness. Until you felt the light touch of fabrics raining onto you and the touch of fabrics soft, charming sliding past you in the darkness. And then spotlight, like a wakeup call centring all the attention on the stage where the Butoh dance started, an expression of your inner self and the nature surrounding you underlined trough the white painted body of the dancer. When the Malayan-Chinese food came in afterwards and the lights went on it felt like a release of tension and a completion of the 5ENSES rebirth circle. 


Direction: Kseniya Tsoy

Host: Kemin Zhang 科张民

Audio Part: Fenni 芬妮 – The sound sculpture of reverberating energies

Touch Part: Hans Martin Galliker 汉子 – Textile maneuvers in the dark

Smell Part:  Tu Qiang 涂强 – the divine dance of scent

Taste Part: Ernest Loh 罗伟恩 – The five flavors of unique cultural fusion

Sight Part: Lin Xi 琳席 – Visual honesty of Butoh dance


MAKE 5ENSE 五感五味 collaborative C!Talk

C!Talk Make5ENSE Poster

MAKE 5ENSE event starts on Sunday, March 16th 2014, 15:00 – 17:00. This 9th C!Talk Beijing will take place in Penghao Theater, within the frames of JUE Festival and in collaboration with the Beijing Fashion Collective.

MAKE 5ENSE will immerse your five physical senses: Five artists will guide the audience on a sensual journey, nurturing feelings of awe and wonder with their unique performances.


  • Fenni 芬妮, BAD TRIP band, crossover experiment voice artist
  • Tu Qiang 涂强, aromatic alchemist
  • Hans Martin Galliker, Beijing Fashion Collective & NEEMIC, eco-preneur
  • Lin Xi 席琳, butoh dancer
  • Ernest Loh, Nyonya Kitchen, culinary artist

This event is open and FREE, but purposely limited to 50 people. Admittance by RSVP only, info[at]ctalk-beijing.com

Press Release: PDF Download in EnglishPDF下 载在中国

RSVP: This event is open and FREE, but purposely limited to 50 pax. Admittance by RSVP only 活动免费,预约入场,限50人 via this form.

Address: Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong, Nanlouguxiang) ; 蓬蒿剧场 (南锣鼓巷 东棉花胡同35号)

For more information read the press release and contact Kseniya Tsoy at World Culture Open or visit www.ctalk-beijing.com. Email: ktsoy[at]wcobeijing.org, Telephone: 138-1151-1439.

C!Talk Make5ENSE Flyer Artists