How Can You Live More Sustainably in Beijing?

Roundtable Discussion - NO MORE MONO

On Thursday, March 07, at LDDC 亮点 设计中心 the NO MORE MONO team will welcome roundtable discussion spectators to drop in from 18:00 on to taste from the local food catering and take advantage of the Art & Sample Sales. Starting 19:00 with the effective presentations and discussions, one moderator and four panelists will discuss the topic: “How Can You Live More Sustainably in Beijing?”. Every speaker shares their own stories, this leads to the desired “Creativity” spirit. How could you create your life in a more creative and responsible way?

The roundtable will be hosted by one of Beijing’s more innovative cultural institution: MERIDIAN. Panelists will be Nathan Zhang from up-cycling clothes & accessories shop Brandnü, Simon Kubski from green lifestyle agency We Impact, sustainable food coordiantor Laura Fanelli and Jonas Nakonz from X6.均世阁 architecture and engineering about an intended sustainable living project at Beijing Design Week 2013.

The moderator will be Meridian’s Yen Le. MERIDIAN founder Momo Mao, LDDC, NEEMIC and more of her team together with NO MORE MONO will organize a good surrounding.

We’ll ensure an interesting and coherent discourse about sustainable lifestyle and also to ensure that the panelists will get the chance to express their experience and opinion.

MERIDIAN roundtable event

Former MERIDIAN roundtable event at 29 November 2012 at Beijing Bookworm, organized by Meridian, covering contemporary documentary filming

Please find at the following page detailed information: Detailinfo – Roundtable Discussion: “How Can You Live More Sustainably in Beijing?”

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