NO MORE MONO [culture] – Final Call

Roundtable Discussion - NO MORE MONO

Tonight at LDDC at Dongsishitiao 94 from on NO MORE MONO [culture] activities.



NO MORE MONO [culture] is a multidisciplinary concept. It showcases the beauty and diversity of works from local Beijing fashion designers and fashion photographers and connects the dots to sustainable lifestyle. Monoculture is the past! Key elements are a showcase of Beijing contemporary fashion designers, photography and video exhibition and a roundtable session to discuss to discuss how living in China can become more sustainable and also more stylish.

邀您来体验多媒介融合的时尚创作。展出多组由活跃在北京的时装设计师与时尚摄 影师联手打造的美而多元的作品,这其中的点点滴滴也都与新的并更加可持续的生 活方式有千丝万缕的联系。 单一文化模式已经是过去时。



16:00                      Art & Sample Sales   Flyer

18:00                      Fashion-/Photography Exhibition   Concept

19:00 – 20:10          Roundtable Discussion: How Can You Live More Sustainably in Beijing?   Detailinfo

20:20 – 20:50          Guided Tour Fashion Photography    Catalog and pricelist

20:30 – 22:30          NO MORE MONO Closing Party


Organized by:

Beijing Fashion Collective   ;   LDDC 亮点设计中心   ;   Meridian 时差   ;   NEEMIC


Latest Updates:

Douban – NO MORE MONO 时装×摄影×装置×

Weibo – check for topic #NO MORE MONO#



视频: No More Mono Vol. 1 | 时装×摄影×装置:   on Youku  /  on Vimeo



Hans Martin Galliker, beijingfashioncollective[at], 18611171980

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