MAKE 5ENSE 五感五味 collaborative C!Talk

C!Talk Make5ENSE Poster

MAKE 5ENSE event starts on Sunday, March 16th 2014, 15:00 – 17:00. This 9th C!Talk Beijing will take place in Penghao Theater, within the frames of JUE Festival and in collaboration with the Beijing Fashion Collective.

MAKE 5ENSE will immerse your five physical senses: Five artists will guide the audience on a sensual journey, nurturing feelings of awe and wonder with their unique performances.


  • Fenni 芬妮, BAD TRIP band, crossover experiment voice artist
  • Tu Qiang 涂强, aromatic alchemist
  • Hans Martin Galliker, Beijing Fashion Collective & NEEMIC, eco-preneur
  • Lin Xi 席琳, butoh dancer
  • Ernest Loh, Nyonya Kitchen, culinary artist

This event is open and FREE, but purposely limited to 50 people. Admittance by RSVP only, info[at]

Press Release: PDF Download in EnglishPDF下 载在中国

RSVP: This event is open and FREE, but purposely limited to 50 pax. Admittance by RSVP only 活动免费,预约入场,限50人 via this form.

Address: Penghao Theater (35 Dongmianhua Hutong, Nanlouguxiang) ; 蓬蒿剧场 (南锣鼓巷 东棉花胡同35号)

For more information read the press release and contact Kseniya Tsoy at World Culture Open or visit Email: ktsoy[at], Telephone: 138-1151-1439.

C!Talk Make5ENSE Flyer Artists

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