UNCOVER – platform for indie fashion design in China

Beijing Fashion Collective was happy to support the foundation of UNCOVER, a platform which is promoting contemporary independent fashion and apparel labels, designer collections and lifestyle products from and in China. It is a showcase and hub to connect brands and designers with a broader audience amongst media, retailers and consumers. The first edition […]

Sustainable Fashion presentation for China Graduate Fashion Week

Sustainable Fashion lecture

Introduction, Definition & Market Overview Sustainable Fashion in China and International by Hans Martin Galliker 汉子

Beijing-based eco-fashion brand NEEMIC by Hans Martin Galliker 汉子

Catching consumer’s interest Sustainable fashion in the news by Yang Fan 杨帆, Yun Yi Jian 云衣间

Competence Center Sustainable Fashion GREENshowroom Berlin, Intertextile Shanghai, and Planet Textiles by Bernd […]

5ENSES – A stimulating rebirth experience

At the beginning there was darkness…when Kemin 科张民 started you could only hear the breath of the audience, nothing else, tension was in the air. And then there came the smell, a thin fume of incense slowly filling the room with his strong exotic flavour. Still the only noises were the breath of the audience […]

MAKE 5ENSE 五感五味 collaborative C!Talk

MAKE 5ENSE event starts on Sunday, March 16th 2014, 15:00 – 17:00. This 9th C!Talk Beijing will take place in Penghao Theater, within the frames of JUE Festival and in collaboration with the Beijing Fashion Collective.

MAKE 5ENSE will immerse your five physical senses: Five artists will guide the audience on a sensual […]

Sustainable Fashion Design Center

Click on image or here for higher-resolution and English version of the Sustainable Fashion Design Center (formerly: BJFC Design Center) which we are planning in Beijing and Hong Kong.