Beijing Fashion Collective (北京时尚集合) is an organization designed for local fashion designers, photographers, and surrounding artists to collaborate and share resources, skills and opportunities. From organizing creative events to sourcing together sustainable (e.g. organic or up-cycling) fabrics to offering art exchanges within and beyond China. Contact us at hello[at]beijingfashioncollective.com.

Fashion Designers 

NEEMIC ; Amihan Zemp and Hans Martin Galliker

SARAYUN ; Yun Xi云稀

BLACK-WHITE  ; Yu Xiao Yue于小月

GAR-DE ; Kenneth Li


Associates – Fashion Photography

Bowie Chan  陳嘉元

Hee Chong 莊濟熙, Studio HeeKa Image

Shuwei Liu 刘树伟

Ken Ngan 顏肇祈, Flesh & Torso

Susanne K Seidler 苏怡, Stylites and Deutsch-Chinesisches Kulturnetz

Matjaž Tančič 老马

Kiki Xue 薛伟, KIKIXUE (China) studio

Jeff Yiu 饒頌暉


Associates – Fashion Video

Derrick Wang (link video)


Associates – Fashion Graphic Designer

Dio Lau 刘逖云

Max Zhu 朱宇


Associates – Fashion Blogger

Tiffany Wang


Associates – Sustainable Fabrics

Summerwood夏木 ; Yi Hongbo易洪波