5ENSES – A stimulating rebirth experience

At the beginning there was darkness…when Kemin 科张民 started you could only hear the breath of the audience, nothing else, tension was in the air. And then there came the smell, a thin fume of incense slowly filling the room with his strong exotic flavour. Still the only noises were the breath of the audience and Kemins 科张民 voice. And then the music started, first only a vague sound which grew louder and louder, changed his colour, sometimes animalistic, sometimes sad, sometimes furious, reaching you from the darkness and enclosing you. Suddenly stopping and leaving you with the emptiness of soundless darkness. Until you felt the light touch of fabrics raining onto you and the touch of fabrics soft, charming sliding past you in the darkness. And then spotlight, like a wakeup call centring all the attention on the stage where the Butoh dance started, an expression of your inner self and the nature surrounding you underlined trough the white painted body of the dancer. When the Malayan-Chinese food came in afterwards and the lights went on it felt like a release of tension and a completion of the 5ENSES rebirth circle. 


Direction: Kseniya Tsoy

Host: Kemin Zhang 科张民

Audio Part: Fenni 芬妮 – The sound sculpture of reverberating energies

Touch Part: Hans Martin Galliker 汉子 – Textile maneuvers in the dark

Smell Part:  Tu Qiang 涂强 – the divine dance of scent

Taste Part: Ernest Loh 罗伟恩 – The five flavors of unique cultural fusion

Sight Part: Lin Xi 琳席 – Visual honesty of Butoh dance


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